Thank you so much for taking the plunge and jumping for Towards Tomorrow Together!! We are so grateful to you and we hope you enjoy this amazing experience.

So you've made the decision to jump, here's some information on how to start fundraising.

If you plan to raise the £395 to jump - please read the information below carefully:
  • The first step is to pay your £70 to register and secure your place. You can Click here to do this.
  • Upon registering, Skyline will automatically set you up an individual online fundraising page through "do it for charity" which is linked to their system. 
  • Once set up, they will send you the link. You can personalise your page with information / your story and pictures if you wish and share your page to collect sponsors. This may take a couple of days to come through after you've registered. If you have not received this within two days, please give skyline a call to give a little nudge.
  • Skyline then keeps a track of your online fundraising and can automatically take your training and jump fee once this amount is raised and will then pay over the rest to TTT for donations.
We request that you use the "do it for charity" service for online fundraising rather than Just Giving for this event if possible please so that fundraising can be easily kept a track of.

As each individual jumper needs to raise a specific amount, it's not appropriate to have a group page, although if you are raising funds in a pair for example, Skyline can set up a joint fundraising page for you, but you must then raise double the amount.

One final note! You also have sponsor forms in your pack to collect any cash sponsors. Please ensure that you use this sponsor money to pay yourself back the £70 deposit if this is your plan. This can not later be refunded from online donations.

If you plan to pay for the jump yourself:

In this case, you simply need to register to secure your place paying the £70 deposit, then bring along the balance of £190 on jump day. You are free to raise any online donations as you wish through either Skyline's "do it for charity" (you will be sent a link to your own page once registered) or Just Giving.