Monthly Support Meetings

As time goes by and “normal” life resumes for those around you, it can feel incredibly isolating. Many parents feel that they wear a mask to the outside world, whilst inside they are crumbling. It can feel impossible to explain to others the emotions that continue to haunt us and family and friends of course want us to be “okay” and so we wear our “okay mask”.

Although our experiences may be different, the outcome of us losing a very precious child is the same. Only another loss parent can truly understand the mixture of emotions that losing a baby brings and so our monthly meetings are a chance for you to remove your mask and talk freely about your baby and how you are feeling with others who understand and most likely feel / have felt the same. If you would like to, but feel nervous about attending a meeting, please feel free to contact

All of our meetings are from 7 - 9pm at The Frank Bond Centre. Please find the address and dates below.

The Frank Bond Centre
84 Mountway Rd,
Bishop's Hull,

Monday 19th October 2015
Monday 16th November 2015
Monday 21st December 2015
Monday 18th January 2016
Monday 15th February 2016
Monday 21st March 2016
Monday 18th April 2016