Butterfly Boxes

Leaving hospital without your baby is one of the most painful experiences a bereaved parent faces. Often, parents have spent most of their time in hospital in deep shock and having to make decisions no parent should ever even have to think about. It is impossible to know how we will feel in the weeks, months and years that follow, yet parents are faced with decisions that will continue to effect and haunt them for years to come. 
Towards Tomorrow Together's Butterfly boxes on the surface, may look like just a nice gift to bereaved parents, however a great deal of thought and experience (from parents further down the line) has gone into their preparation and we hope that they really make a big difference to parents making these decisions, helping them to make precious memories with their babies in the short time that they get to spend with them and in also giving them the knowledge that they are not alone.

Boxes are donated directly to the delivery suites of hospitals and in general contain:

  • 2 identical teddies. One to go to rest with baby and one for parents to keep close.
  • A blanket for parents to wrap their baby in. Parents may like to swap this for another one before saying goodbye, so that they can keep something that has touched their little one.
  • A small card to keep locks of hair, hospital tags, nail clippings etc safe.
  • An SD card for use with the hospital digital camera or parent's own camera. There is also a note about taking photos to help too.
  • A candle.
  • A clay kit for taking hand / footprints.
  • Inkless wipes and special paper for also taking hand / footprints
  • An especially blended mix of essential oils.
  • A bottle of angel baby wash should parents choose to bathe their baby. The smell is unique and could bring comfort as a memory prompt for the future.
  • A jewellery set containing 2 bracelets for your baby, one to rest with your baby and one to keep, a matching bracelet for mum and a matching keyring for dad.
  • A book called Little Fingers from the wonderful charity.
  • A note explaining the gifts and giving details for support.
We currently donate these boxes to:

Worcestershire Royal
Russells Hall
Hereford County
Some of the items form the boxes to The Alexandra Hospital
If you would like more information, or to help in any way with our butterfly boxes, please contact lisa.towardstomorrow@gmail.com