Steve Lowe

Steve is an experienced acupuncturist. He wrote a little bit about acupuncture and his practice for us to help people choosing a therapy / practitioner. He says:

"Acupuncture involves the use of very thin needles which are inserted in to different points on meridians on the body to have an effect on a person's wellbeing. People usually benefit from a series of treatments and the initial session lasts up to an hour and a half. During this first meeting a medical history is taken along with a non invasive physical examination which includes feeling the pulses on each wrist, taking a blood pressure reading, tongue observation and noting body temperature. These observations all contribute to your practitioner's choice of points that will then be used during the treatment. Sometimes needles are inserted and removed swiftly and other times they may be left in for a while.

Many people find acupuncture very relaxing. Great emphasis is placed on patient care and handling. An individual's privacy and modesty is respected and your acupuncturist will explain each part of the treatment during each session. Follow up appointments take up to an hour.

I would recommend that treatment is sought from a member of the British Acupuncture Council which is a national body that represents practitioners and promotes standards that they are encouraged to adhere to."

You can find out more about Steve's background etc by clicking here.

Please note that if you wish to self fund, you can of course go ahead and book directly with Steve. If however you would like funding from the charity for a number of sessions, you must firstly complete an application form with either your bereavement midwife, chaplain or support group. Please read our FAQ's by clicking here and scrolling down.