Sue Marston - Kidderminster

Sue practices acupuncture and also is trained in Reiki.

Sue has over 20 year experience in acupuncture and very much believes in treating the whole person. Sue also has skills in other therapies, including Reiki and may sometimes includes these as part of a session depending on need / appropriateness. Sue firstly needs about an hour and a half session with you to see how she can help and then future sessions are normally about an hour long. Sue says: 
"My role as a practitioner is to identify an individual’s imbalance and assist in the restoration of their health using both Traditional Acupuncture and Stress Management techniques."
You can find out lots of information about Sue over on her website by clicking here.

Please note that if you wish to self fund, you can of course go ahead and book directly with Sue. If however you would like funding from the charity for a number of sessions, you must firstly complete an application form with either your bereavement midwife, chaplain or support group. Please read our FAQ's by clicking here and scrolling down.