Elizabeth Gelhard

Elizabeth is trained in clinical hypnotherapy, EFT and Reiki.

You can find information on each therapy and about Elizabeth by looking through her website by clicking here and her about me page by clicking here. She says:

"I am happy to work face to face, in my consulting room, a loss parent's home or even on Skype (for EFT). I am also very happy for people to meet me on Skype for preliminary discussion regarding any of my therapies rather than face to face if they prefer so as not to add any pressure"

Please note that if you wish to self fund, you can of course go ahead and book directly with Elizabeth. If however you would like funding from the charity for a number of sessions, you must firstly complete an application form with either your bereavement midwife, chaplain or support group. Please read our FAQ's by clicking here and scrolling down.