"Hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication, used during hypnosis, which helps direct a client’s imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour."  (a quote taken from The National Hypnotherapy Society).

What might a session look like? 
Generally, relaxing music will be played in the background whilst you close your eyes and your hypnotherapist talks. Common questions asked about hypnotherapy are 'will I know what is going on and will I still be in control?' The answer to both of those is yes. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we all enter immediately before and after sleep, a bit like a day-dream. It is a natural, safe and pleasant experience.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful for simple relaxation if you prefer, but can also help with difficult memories, unresolved grief, anxiety and feelings of guilt.

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