Steve Woods

Following on from the training day, Steve has offered some great detailed information regarding how his approach and experience in delivering hypnotherapy could help following the loss of a baby. He says:

"The areas where Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help are quite wide ranging and diverse and I will attempt to highlight these below. 
It is important to note that many of these areas are suitable for both parents and I would encourage both of them to take up the hypnosis session together wherever possible and where suitable.
  • After a loss. Hypnosis can be used to help move forward. Not changing what has happened but helping to move forward from the initial loss and grieving. This can include working with acceptance, forgiveness (often of oneself), releasing blame, releasing anger. Areas of stress and anxiety surrounding a loss can be worked with and this could be suitable for both parents often at the same time.
  • A positive area of Hypnosis is that when someone is hypnotised we can ask their subconscious mind to provide more information about what its needs are, the areas that require attention. My method of working would be acknowledging that the grieving process should never be stopped or erased but can be managed to allow that movement forward.
  • Day to day. Working on any areas of guilt, blame and forgiveness. Helping to focus on the partner and/or other children in the family and helping to be in control at anniversaries (but not trying to remove or de-value these in any way). Suitable for both parents and even older siblings (over the age of around 12).
For those trying to conceive following a loss
  • Trying to conceive after loss. Hypnosis can be very effective at reducing the anxiety and stress surrounding natural conception and IVF. Add to this a focus on the body’s natural health and focus on the conception process this can greatly improve the chances of a successful conception. Suitable for both parents at the same time we could also work on any difficult issues from the previous loss.
  • During pregnancy after a loss. This time will be fraught with worry and possibly a difficulty to bond with the growing baby in case anything goes wrong. Using Hypnosis we can reduce all this stress and anxiety and improve the bonding process. In so doing we will improve the body’s natural health and focus on the pregnancy. In a similar way to conception we will be helping with the stress, worry and pressure and allowing the pregnancy to be enjoyed whilst still keeping a watchful eye open for any signs of issues to be dealt with.

Booking sessions

3 session packages are suggested from experience.  An initial 20 minute telephone assessment can be offered for anyone who would like to chat to me. This will be to find out individual needs and allow people to get a feel for how I work. I sometimes where appropriate make use of web based voice and video for session 2 and 3 (although this would only happen if deemed appropriate.)"

You can find out more about Steve from his website by clicking here.

Please note that if you wish to self fund, you can of course go ahead and book directly with Steve. If however you would like funding from the charity for a number of sessions, you must firstly complete an application form with either your bereavement midwife, chaplain or support group. Please read our FAQ's by clicking here and scrolling down.