Fi Partridge

Fi is a Reiki Master Teacher and also is qualified to teach meditation. Following our baby loss awareness training day, Fi sent us some great information on the treatments that she is able to offer. She says:

What can I offer?

Reiki is an ancient form of healing. Reiki translates to mean Universal Life Force Energy.
The therapy itself involves little or not touching, and last for around 40 - 60 mins.
You don't need to remove any clothing!
Simply lie on the couch an relax.
It is recommended a course of 6 session over a period of 3 weeks between each session totalling 18 weeks.
These sessions can be done within your own home and I work across Bromsgrove, Redditch and Droitwich.

Meditation / Mindfulness
Meditation is proven to have many physical / emotional and psychological benefits on our bodies.
Meditation can allow you to gain some clarity of mind in extreme circumstances, allow you a brief respite from your current situation.
Mindfulness allows you to understand the principle of being in the moment, not what's to come next or what's just happened. All you can do is what is happening right now.
I would recommend 4 sessions depending on need
This can work really well as a family group session if appropriate, however I can work individually on a 121 basis.
Again, I cover Bromsgrove, Redditch and Droitwich for this.

You can see more information about Fi here.

Please note that if you wish to self fund, you can of course go ahead and book directly with Fi. If however you would like funding from the charity for a number of sessions, you must firstly complete an application form with either your bereavement midwife, chaplain or support group. Please read our FAQ's by clicking here and scrolling down.