Rainbow and Sunshine Play Sessions

For those who aren't aware of the terms sunshine and rainbow, a sunshine is a child born before the loss of a baby and a rainbow is a child born following the loss of a baby.

Each of our little ones are affected by our losses. We hope it will be nice for them to play together and be around other families who have been through the same.

Please note that in respect for each family's different circumstances, we have now split the play sessions slightly to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and has a safe place to come and chat while their children play.

For recently bereaved families, or those unable to go on to have a rainbow baby, coming to a session with small babies present could be hard for both them and their children. For those who have recently had their rainbow baby, support is so important for them and their little ones as often the raw feelings of grief can hit home again.

For these reasons the sessions are now being split as follows:

For the months below in red – New / small babies are welcome. All families are welcome to these sessions who are comfortable / okay / ready to be around new / small babies and listen to chats about coping with a rainbow following loss. Please remember that all parents attending this session have lost a child themselves and will understand completely if anyone needs a good cry / hug when being around a little one!

For the months below in blue – This session is for children older than 12 months only and families who would struggle to be around new / small babies. All families are still welcome here to bring their children over 12 months old, but asked to be mindful of those struggling with being around / talking about new / small babies. 

The sessions will alternate each month, hopefully giving a comfortable option for everyone.

If we haven't met you before and you would like to come along, please email worcs.towardstomorrow@gmail.com and let us know the dates you'd like to come along and the ages of your little ones. We do an email each month to everyone attending letting them know the ages and gender of each of the children coming along so that everyone knows what to expect.

Pregnant ladies are of course welcome, but again, do let us know beforehand to include in our monthly email and just a gentle note that we do now have evening pregnancy after loss meetings to talk about what an anxious time this is. Some of the families attending the play sessions are unable to try again following a loss and so may well struggle with discussions around pregnancy.

The sunshine and rainbow play sessions are fully funded and held at the Soft Play Area within The Silverwoods Lesuire Centre Kidderminster from 16:15 – 18:15 on the following dates: